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Awards and Published Photos
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First Place Ribbon - Swallowtail Butterfly on Pink Phlox

Durham Fair 2010
9/23/2010 through 9/26/2010






The Third Place Ribbon - Colorful Llama





Fifth Place Ribbon - Black & White Llama with funky tooth



Association of Connecticut Fairs - Photo Contest
10/2010 - notified on 12/23/2010


9/30/2010 East Haven Courier - Shore Publishing LLC
Salt Marsh - photo taken from Zip06.com/east haven


10/10/2010 East Haven Patch - Patch.com
Desire Trolley - 2 photos published with story on line only


12/2/2010 East Haven Courier - Shore Publishing LLC
Two Town Greens in Autumn photos published
Taken from Zip06.com/east haven


12/23/2010 East Haven Courier - Shore Publishing LLC
Dancing Days - Photo from Showcase 2010 at Dance in Rhythm
Taken from Zip06.com/east haven


12/30/2010 East Haven Courier - Shore Publishing LLC
A Holiday Vision - East Haven Town Green Christmas Tree
Taken from Zip06.com/east haven



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